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Mother's Day Style April 27, 2016 13:49

Top Five Plus Mother's Day Gift Ideas Plus Size Woman

Mother’s Day is right around the corner! We know that May 8 is already marked on your calendar, but in case you’re still looking for a gift for a special mother in your life, or a gift to treat yourself this spring, we have you covered! 

For more gift ideas, fashion, and shopping, check out our eBay store where we have a wide selection of off-price plus size clothing!

And here, in no particular order, are our top 5 picks that will make the perfect present for any mom this spring!

Jams World Short Kimono Dancing Bouquet

Let mom lounge with leisure in a kimono robe in Jams World signature spun rayon - one of the most comfortable and light fabrics we’ve ever felt! The bright Hawaiian print will evoke visions of relaxing by the beach all year long!
Goody Goody Silk Slippers in Fairyality

Goody Goody Slippers in Fairyality

Give her feet the gift of luxury. Handcrafted in sumptuous silk with exquisite embellishments, Goody Goody slippers are more than just footwear, but objects of delight.

Cocoon House Monet's Waterlilies Silk Scarf

Cocoon House Monet Water Lilies Silk Scarf

Take a classic gift to new levels with elegant 100% silk scarves from Cocoon House in designs from classic art! With pieces featuring the work of Monet, Hiroshige, and other masters, the concept of “wearable art” comes to life in a whole new way. Matching 100% silk kimono style wraps available as well!

Nicole Taylor 100% Silk Beaded Button Down Blouse Western Cowboy

Nicole Taylor Riding Cowboy Button Down Blouse

If you’re looking for something truly unique, this is the LAST CHANCE to claim one of our exclusive Nicole Taylor blouses. Hand beaded 100% silk in distinctive prints are sure to stand out.

Citron Clothing Plus Size Cherry Blossom Duster

See: Citron Plus Size Long Open Cardigan - Batik Flying Crane Pictured in: Cherry Blossom Dream - Pre-order here! Ships Thursday, April 28

No list of Mother’s Day presents would be complete without Citron. Elegant design, luxurious materials, and superior craftsmanship have gained Citron a devoted following of women all over the world! 


Order by Monday, May 2nd for guaranteed delivery by Mother’s Day!

Introducing: Sleevey Wonders! March 29, 2016 16:56

Sleevey Wonders - Intimate Sleeve Shapewear - Plus Size s

When I first saw Sleevey Wonders my first thought was “finally!”

Finally, we have an accessory that can utterly change the look of an outfit to match a specific situation. Finally, there is a way to meet almost any modesty requirements without sacrificing style. Finally, we don’t have to be self conscious about wearing sleeveless or strapless outfits anymore!

Available in a variety of colors and styles, Sleevey Wonders can adapt your outfits to perfectly match any occasion! Try the ¾ length black mesh sleeves with a light blouse for a modern casual look. Or pair classic ivory lace sleeves with a sleeveless dress for added coverage and formality. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

There is so much more we could say about Sleevey Wonders - but I think Ruthann Greenblat, the designer, has already written the perfect introduction:

I created Sleevey Wonders because I love fashion - including sleeveless and strapless tops and dresses, but I didn’t love the look of my bare arms in them. Covering up with a sweater or jacket often provoked a hot flash, or hid the beautiful look of my dress. What I needed were independent, interchangeable sleeves that would slim my arms without making me too hot or ruining the look of my outfit! My unique multi-patented invention solves those problems, and gives the illusion of being part of my top or dress!

I have had so much fun creating Sleevey Wonders with the mission of making quality products in America at affordable prices for women of all ages and sizes.

I want you to have a ball creating new sleek and stylish outfits from items you already own in your closet, or take Sleevey Wonders shopping with you and discover a whole new world of fashion possibilities! I hope you find many uses for Sleevey Wonders and grow to love them as much as I do! It’s time to feel happy with yourself, inside and out!

Ruthann Greenblat

Artist, Designer, Inventor

Tag us in your pictures to show off YOUR outfits!

Neon Buddha September 21, 2015 15:47


We are very excited to introduce you to the newest brand available on Knitted Closet, Neon Buddha! 

Neon Buddha started with the idea of producing a lifestyle clothing collection for travel, home, work, yoga and you. Their philosophy is to make products that can be well worn for life’s adventures and designed with a conscience.

Under the keen eye of head designer Shannon Passero, Neon Buddha's clothing is crafted from 100% preshrunk cotton blends in styles that are chic, comfortable, and versatile. We love that classic styles with timeless silhouettes are given unique details that are contemporary and eye catching. For example, the Moment Pullover is a beautiful cowl neck tunic that has mixed buttons of etched metal and coconut shells down the center. 

But our excitement for Neon Buddha extends to their dedication to an ethical work standards and sustainable environmental practices. From using solar power in their offices, recycling all paper, cardboard, plastic, glass and metal, to even planting dozens of trees, Neon Buddha extends their conscientiousness far beyond their clothing. 

Shop the Neon Buddha collection now!

This week only - save 10% off any purchase of Neon Buddha with promo code "buddha". Expires Sunday September 27, 2015.


Featured products (from left in picture):

Neon Buddha Select Pullover

Neon Buddha Conversation Shawl in Wine

Neon Buddha Adventure Tee in Moss

Last Chance Items May 13, 2015 13:18

The philosophy on which we founded Knitted Closet is: 

Style goes deeper than keeping up with passing trends, but is the foundation of personal expression.

One of the benefits of having developed relationships with vendors over the past decade is that we are lucky enough to have a wide choice of items to purchase and extensive collection of beautiful new items. While seasons change and we all rush to keep up with current trends, sometimes designs can get lost in the shuffle. 

Our boutique is dedicated to offering stylish garments, no matter what season they were designed for. While we feature new and current fashions, we are also proud to offer prints and models that we believe have timeless value. Designers must consistently pursue new inspirations, but we as shoppers know that much of their work will stand the test of time. 

We have introduced the tag "vintage" in order to specify items that are no longer being produced that we were lucky enough to obtain before the styles were unavailable forever. For truly vintage items, please see our sister store on eBay: Knitted Closet eBay store

Fans of the brands we feature know full well that their favorite items can last a lifetime. A beautiful silk blouse from Citron never goes out of style, a unique Jams World Hawaiian dress can be perfect for every summer, and it can be years before you can bear to part with your favorite Oh My Gauze! cotton tunic. We have all felt the pain of seeing our favorite colors or patterns discontinued or the pattern to our favorite cardigan adjusted to a slightly different cut. 

Hopefully we will be able to help you with that. We can't promise to carry everything. But we do have a selection that includes styles you will not be able to find anywhere else, including from the very brands that produced them. 

Check out our exclusive collection here: Vintage Collection

Silks for Spring May 7, 2015 16:04

Silk is one of our favorite fabrics. Legends claim that a Chinese Empress learned to develop silk and invented the silk loom in the 27th Century BC. Synonymous with luxury since ancient times, the soft smooth texture is a joy to wear and light weight makes it versatile. Embroidered, textured, distressed, or painted, we love the way silk looks and feels. 

Silk scarves have long been a classic. We love these examples from Cocoon House, bringing classic works of art to a new medium. Inspired by great artists such as Hiroshige and Van Gogh, these scarves make a sophisticated statement whether paired with matching items or against solid colors to highlight the art of the accessory. 

And of course, we cannot talk about silk without Citron. Their signature silk fukure, or embossed silk, gives the fabric a beautiful accent in addition to the wearable art of their designs. 

We love a light silk cardigan for work or formal occasions in spring. Perfect for layering in warmer weather and with a timeless elegance, beautifully draped silk never goes out fashion. 

See featured products:

Citron A Mystery Garden in Hibiscus Cardigan

Cocoon House 100 Views of Edo Silk Scarf

Cocoon House Garden at Giverny Silk Scarf

Get The Look! Spring in the City March 14, 2015 14:04

Spring In The City

Featuring one of our favorite new items - Lily by Firmiana Floral & Mesh Tunic Blouse in sunshine yellow! Pair it with leggings, as shown on the Firmiana model here, or skinny jeans in the city, or over a swimsuit on the beach!
Spring is here, and we're ready for the sunshine! 

Featured Product: Margaret Winters Pop Top! March 12, 2015 17:29

We are so excited about the Spring/Summer 2015 line from Margaret Winters! With their signature vibrant colors and contemporary styles, her fashions are as comfortable as they are flattering. 

We are especially delighted to bring you the Pop Top! In the Margaret Winters signature "crunchy cotton", or soft boucle knit, this blouse can be worn with either side in the front! A fun contrasting pocket accent and reversible color block pattern, it's the perfect way to add double the pizazz to your spring wardrobe.

Margaret Winters' lifelong love of fashion is reflected in her domestic knitwear line, and we're thrilled to share that love with you as well. 

Get the look: Margaret Winters Pop Top

Wearable Art March 10, 2015 16:10

Citron Clothing - Wearable Art

Earlier this month we at Knitted Closet were lucky enough to meet Ricki Wolman, founder and CEO of Citron Clothing along with Citron’s team of artists and representatives. Our conversation gave me further insight into how Citron, one of our longtime favorite brands, uses classic inspirations and only the finest materials to create clothing that is more than beautiful, clothing that makes women happy.

Though artists and designers at Citron draw inspiration from all around the world, we can see the particular influence of the Edo period of Japanese history. The art of Hokusai, Utamaro, and Hiroshige echoes in the portraits and natural elements in Citron designs.

These artists were masters of ukiyo-e, or “pictures of the floating world,” a genre of woodblock prints and paintings that celebrated the joy and beauty in everyday life during a period of rapid urbanization. Western artists, particularly Edgar Degas and Vincent van Gogh, were also deeply influenced by the Edo period.

Orientalist motifs have been a staple of Citron’s design philosophy from the start, and Ricki continues to pursue inspiration by traveling around the world, studying artistic elements and techniques to incorporate into his creative vision.

What struck me about my conversations with the people behind the clothing was the thoughtfulness and care that goes into every Citron design. Everyone we spoke with reiterated Citron’s philosophy of creating wearable works of art, garments with beauty that transcend fleeting trends in fabrics and that remain elegant throughout passing seasons.

We usually shop for clothing with an eye to what is flattering and feels good to wear. For years I have admired the artistry and construction of Citron Clothing simply on these merits, which are of course the essential elements of any clothing brand. But speaking with the people behind the brand has given me a new understanding and deeper appreciation for what they offer through their clothing.

A celebration of the joy and beauty in everyday life. I’m happy to share these products with you, and hope they inspire the same appreciation.

“Living only for the moment, savouring the moon, the snow, the cherry blossoms, and the maple leaves, singing songs, drinking sake, and diverting oneself just in floating… buoyant and carefree, like a gourd carried along with the river current: this is what we call ukiyo.”

Ukiyo Monogatari ("Tales of the Floating World", c. 1661) by Asai Ryōi

We Love Lagenlook! July 5, 2014 17:23


Lagenlook, literally translated from German, means simply "layering look". But it refers to an elegant European fashion of layering pieces that women of all ages, sizes and shapes can wear to show off their individual and distinctive style. 

Whether you're wearing 2, 3, 4, or even five layers, you can use each item to perfectly flatter your body! Contour the layers to highlight your favorite assets and create the exact shapes you desire. For example, a vest or jacket can completely alter the way a blouse fits on your torso as well as the look and feel of your outfit. 

The art of layering is a fantastic way to express your personal style and taste by creating your own mixes of color, styles, prints, and textures. This takes Lagenlook style from a simple fashion statement to a living work of art that changes with each wardrobe combination one crafts. More than acting as your own personal stylist - you are able to create entirely new designs with your choices. 

Lagenlook styles are both versatile and practical. It is possible to create many looks from a few well chosen pieces, and allows for the possibilities to adapt to any situation. Whether going from work to dinner or encountering a sudden shift in the weather, artful layering can serve the needs of your style and your life!

We are very excited to see that Lagenlook styles are increasing in popularity in the US as it has been in Europe for years. We are happy to offer a wide array of tunics, blouses, jackets, and dresses that can be combined in endless arrangements. Let your imagination and creativity run wild!

Or check us out on Polyvore or Pinterest for complete outfit ideas and inspiration!

Jams World 50th Anniversary June 24, 2014 11:15

Fifty years ago Dave Lochlen couldn't find the right shorts to surf in. With the help of his wife, Keanuenue, he altered pajamas to serve the purpose. And from there, Jams World was founded. 

Expanding to include all beach and resort wear, Jams World clothing is still cut and sewn in Honolulu, Hawaii. Hand painted art from around the world is screened onto 100% spun crushed rayon exclusive to Jams World. The fabric keeps you cool and just feels good. The traditions and love in every garment is apparent. 

And now, to honor the fiftieth anniversary of these traditions, Jams World introduces an exciting limited edition collection with new, exclusive prints as well as bringing back classic styles. 

We particularly love the Hattie dress, a staple for any fan of Jams World. The comfortable t-shirt cut of the top is paired with a flirty pleated skirt, perfect for twirling if you're so inclined! Flattering and fun, the Hattie dress is versatile and adorable. 

This collection is perfect for the height of summer! Some of these styles and prints are exclusive to Knitted Closet, and cannot be found elsewhere. Over the upcoming months we will be introducing new styles regularly - so check back if you don't see what you want right away! Bring the bright happiness of Hawaiian beaches home to wherever you are with new Jams World. 

We are thrilled to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Jams World clothing. This limited edition collection celebrates Jams World's philosophy: Color, Freedom, Difference, & Love.


Timeless Style - Vintage & Vintage Inspired Clothing April 17, 2014 11:54


Excuse us, but we're really excited! Besides being an all around brilliant show, Mad Men has done a lot to bring back classic styles into contemporary conversations. From elegant formal dresses to mod geometric shapes, the 60's aesthetic is back with a bang. And we could not be happier. 

We love vintage and vintage inspired clothing. And we're proud to offer a wide array of products for our fans who feel the same. 

Authentic Vintage

For authentic vintage dresses - check out our collection on eBay here. I feel that now the fashion industry is so concerned with meeting market demands that they have lost focus on creating unique prints, relying instead on computerized techniques and reproducing already marketable styles.

There are definite advantages to buying authentic vintage clothing! There are so many we felt the need to make a list!

  • The first, and perhaps most obvious, is that you will be wearing a completely unique piece of history. You will never have the awkward moment of running into someone wearing the same dress as you. While others may try to copy your style, they will be unable to replicate it.
  • The quality and timelessness of authentic vintage clothing has already been proven by its longevity. The fabric is strong and durable, and the construction is exquisite enough to last for decades.
  • Environmentally conscious fashionistas love that recycling vintage clothing is not only good for your closet, but it’s good for the planet as well.
  • Because prints were created with computerized techniques, vintage prints are authentic and created by real artists. Many famous artists were a part of the fashion world, such as Juan Miro, Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, and Salvador Dali, who experimented with fabrics and print.
  • Vintage clothing found in America is overwhelmingly domestic: Made in the USA. Before outsourcing, clothing was union made, with custom tailoring or hand sewn. There was enormous attention to detail, which results in beautiful and timeless garments.
Vintage Inspired

Though technically all clothing is vintage inspired in some way, as can be seen in Grecian draped one-shoulder Toga inspired gowns, some styles incorporate classic inspirations in more obvious or more dramatic ways than others. You can even meet many fashion designers at flea markets or vintage shops where they are looking for inspiration from prints and styles.

Contemporary designers using vintage styles are considered “vintage inspired” or “vintage reproduction.” Contemporary brands incorporate classic elements in their still distinctively modern clothing. These styles are often described as classic, timeless, or nostalgic. Because they are inspired by vintage styles, you don’t always need to buy the latest releases, but can wear pre-loved clothes from previous seasons that are still in style. Classic and traditional never go out of style.

Personally, we don’t like fast fashion brands or momentary trends. Even if they are inexpensive, they are only relevant for weeks. These are often cheaply made and only survive until the first wash. Classic styles that are well constructed are almost always better investments.

  • One of the benefits of vintage inspired clothing that is produced today is that items are available in a wider array of sizes, fabrics, and colors. It is easier to find classic styles that fit and feel exactly as you desire them to.
  • Another advantage is that with vintage inspired clothing you can seamlessly blend contemporary trends with classic style. Whether it is contemporary fits, shapes, or details, the combination of vintage and modern styles can be truly exquisite. Rather than spending $30-40 on fast fashion, you can invest in good quality classic styles which you will eventually be able to pass on to your children.

Check out some of our vintage inspired classic items from Firmiana, One World, and Citron here on our boutique!

    All Natural March 24, 2014 15:23

    One of the most important factors of any garment is the fabric it is made out of. We are firm believers in high quality materials and like to feature designs that are made of all natural materials. 


    When people think of natural fibers, one of the first fabrics that come to mind is cotton. Versatile, comfortable, and easy to care for, cotton has a well earned reputation for producing beautiful designs. These pants from Oh My Gauze! are the perfect example of flattering draping with comfort that will make you never want to take them off. Seriously, our model almost tried to sneak off with this pair of Breeze Pants.



    Another fabric made of all natural material is Tencel. Made from natural cellulose found in wood pulp, Tencel is harvested from managed tree farms. Produced in a non-chemical manner, the fiber is economical in its use of energy and natural resources and is fully biodegradable. Known for the way it drapes and flatters the human form, Tencel is soft, breathable, lightweight, and durable. Because of its high absorbency, Tencel garments are color rich and vibrant.


    Tianello specializes in Tencel designs - pictured here is the Diva Blouse in Seychelles


    But no discussion of natural materials would be complete without silk. For centuries silk has been a symbol of luxury in fashion. The soft smooth feel and elegant beauty of silk will never go out of style. Whether a sheer georgette for layering or embossed silk with texture, you can never go wrong with silk in your closet!

    Below: Citron Romantic Georgette Tunic


    Quality clothing is highly dependent on the materials used. And quite often that quality is directly proportional to using natural fabrics. 

    Find us on Polyvore! March 10, 2014 11:40

    We (obviously) love the internet for fashion information and style information. Social media especially has become a powerful tool for fashionistas to share and recommend products to each other. We're super excited to to be active members, especially for plus size fashion. And our latest endeavor is - where people can create their dream outfits, designs, and looks. 

    Here's our first set!


    European Spring

    Get The Look! Sunny Weekend Style March 8, 2014 12:00

    This outfit from Oh My Gauze! is perfect for casual weekends. Whether you're going to brunch with friends or hanging out with your family at home, you'll be head to toe in stylish comfort. Dress it up with jewelry and heels or dress it down with a ponytail and flip flops. 

    Blouse: JoJo Tunic in Lime

    A mid length cotton gauze top, tunic style with ruched detail on the side so it can be scrunched up. 

    Pants: Porto Pants in Tobacco

    With a fully elasticized waistband for easy slip on design, these moderately wide-cute pants have an adorable layered design with an adjustable drawstring closure. Attractive, artsty, and above all, comfortable!

    All styles for Oh My Gauze are manufactured with 100% cotton and designed exclusively for Oh My Gauze, Inc. The clothing is completely washable, will not shrink, and best of all, no ironing is necessary! All our cotton gauze is breathable and nearly maintenance free. Oh My Gauze!® is the ultimate in casual and comfortable fashion.

    Every week we'll be featuring a new outfit on our style blog. Be sure to connect with us on social media so you don't miss an update! Links are below

    Related posts: Brand Profile: Oh My Gauze!

    Spring Flowers March 7, 2014 17:20

    The first official day of spring is less than two weeks away, and we're getting the celebration started already with plenty of flowers! 

    Floral prints have been used by designers throughout recorded fashion history. With vibrant colors, beautiful arrangements, and connections to nature, flowers are a timeless statement of chic sophistication. 

    Excited for Spring, Nina is showing off the Poeme by Citron Flower Boats Blouse. One of our absolute favorite designs, the floral design is incorporated into the whimsical boats and houses in the design as well. Romantic and sweet, this blouse is sure to bring a smile to everyone around. 


    No one does prints quite like Citron. Inspired by cultures from all around the world, Citron creates wearable art from luxurious materials. Based near Knitted Closet in Santa Monica, CA, we think Citron silk is the perfect material to celebrate the beautiful spring blooms.  

    Anna (pictured below) is wearing the Citron Vibrant Green Collared Tunic Blouse. The embossed silk is draped to fall to your hips, modernizing the classic button down collared design. The cascading vine of flowers falls down in asymmetrical patterns against a background of bright grassy green. 

    Spring is the season to celebrate life. We believe there's no better way to do that than to celebrate your own personal style!

    Brand Profile: Oh My Gauze! March 6, 2014 14:19

    We here at Knitted Closet are proud to feature Oh My Gauze! products. Oh My Gauze! is the ultimate in casual and comfortable fashion.

    Every item is made of soft 100% cotton that looks and feels absolutely fantastic. The clothing is completely washable, will never shrink, and perhaps best of all, does not require the use of an iron! Light, breathable, and nearly maintenance free, Oh My Gauze! makes clothing that is perfect for your lifestyle. 

    Here is one of our favorite outfits - the Anna Tunic in Candy paired with Breeze Pants in Snow. 

    Anna Vest Breeze Pants

    One of the amazing aspects about Oh My Gauze! designs is the versatility. The flowing draped designs of soft cotton can be styled up or down depending on how you want to accessorize. Whether you're looking for resort wear or a stylish option for around your home, Oh My Gauze! is a chic and cozy option.

    Featured here is the Luna dress, an adorable option that can transfer from daytime errands to a night out.

    Luna Dress

    Like us, Oh My Gauze! is a family run business. Inspired by fabrics and design seen on her trips to Mexico, Joy brought her love of clothing made of cotton gauze to her designs that still remains today. For over 25 years Joy and her family have been designing and selling this unique style clothing.

    Thank you Joy and everyone at Oh My Gauze! for your wonderful style and inspiration!

    And now, for the month of March enjoy 10% off any Oh My Gauze! product with the coupon code omgstyle at checkout!

    Launch Day! January 30, 2014 19:30

    Hello fashionistas! Welcome to Knitted Closet!

    After ten years of selling clothes through eBay, I am extremely excited to welcome you to our boutique, featuring some of my favorite designers with an eye towards plus sizes. While carefully curating an elegant collection, we will be slowly adding more and more brand new products to our site. 

    In the meantime, please see our large collection of new and vintage clothing at the original Knitted Closet eBay store

    For those with a taste for cashmere (like myself) see our separate boutique featuring the best of cashmere sweaters, aptly named All Cashmere Boutique.

    Happy shopping!