All Natural March 24, 2014 15:23

One of the most important factors of any garment is the fabric it is made out of. We are firm believers in high quality materials and like to feature designs that are made of all natural materials. 


When people think of natural fibers, one of the first fabrics that come to mind is cotton. Versatile, comfortable, and easy to care for, cotton has a well earned reputation for producing beautiful designs. These pants from Oh My Gauze! are the perfect example of flattering draping with comfort that will make you never want to take them off. Seriously, our model almost tried to sneak off with this pair of Breeze Pants.



Another fabric made of all natural material is Tencel. Made from natural cellulose found in wood pulp, Tencel is harvested from managed tree farms. Produced in a non-chemical manner, the fiber is economical in its use of energy and natural resources and is fully biodegradable. Known for the way it drapes and flatters the human form, Tencel is soft, breathable, lightweight, and durable. Because of its high absorbency, Tencel garments are color rich and vibrant.


Tianello specializes in Tencel designs - pictured here is the Diva Blouse in Seychelles


But no discussion of natural materials would be complete without silk. For centuries silk has been a symbol of luxury in fashion. The soft smooth feel and elegant beauty of silk will never go out of style. Whether a sheer georgette for layering or embossed silk with texture, you can never go wrong with silk in your closet!

Below: Citron Romantic Georgette Tunic


Quality clothing is highly dependent on the materials used. And quite often that quality is directly proportional to using natural fabrics.