Timeless Style - Vintage & Vintage Inspired Clothing April 17, 2014 11:54


Excuse us, but we're really excited! Besides being an all around brilliant show, Mad Men has done a lot to bring back classic styles into contemporary conversations. From elegant formal dresses to mod geometric shapes, the 60's aesthetic is back with a bang. And we could not be happier. 

We love vintage and vintage inspired clothing. And we're proud to offer a wide array of products for our fans who feel the same. 

Authentic Vintage

For authentic vintage dresses - check out our collection on eBay here. I feel that now the fashion industry is so concerned with meeting market demands that they have lost focus on creating unique prints, relying instead on computerized techniques and reproducing already marketable styles.

There are definite advantages to buying authentic vintage clothing! There are so many we felt the need to make a list!

  • The first, and perhaps most obvious, is that you will be wearing a completely unique piece of history. You will never have the awkward moment of running into someone wearing the same dress as you. While others may try to copy your style, they will be unable to replicate it.
  • The quality and timelessness of authentic vintage clothing has already been proven by its longevity. The fabric is strong and durable, and the construction is exquisite enough to last for decades.
  • Environmentally conscious fashionistas love that recycling vintage clothing is not only good for your closet, but it’s good for the planet as well.
  • Because prints were created with computerized techniques, vintage prints are authentic and created by real artists. Many famous artists were a part of the fashion world, such as Juan Miro, Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, and Salvador Dali, who experimented with fabrics and print.
  • Vintage clothing found in America is overwhelmingly domestic: Made in the USA. Before outsourcing, clothing was union made, with custom tailoring or hand sewn. There was enormous attention to detail, which results in beautiful and timeless garments.
Vintage Inspired

Though technically all clothing is vintage inspired in some way, as can be seen in Grecian draped one-shoulder Toga inspired gowns, some styles incorporate classic inspirations in more obvious or more dramatic ways than others. You can even meet many fashion designers at flea markets or vintage shops where they are looking for inspiration from prints and styles.

Contemporary designers using vintage styles are considered “vintage inspired” or “vintage reproduction.” Contemporary brands incorporate classic elements in their still distinctively modern clothing. These styles are often described as classic, timeless, or nostalgic. Because they are inspired by vintage styles, you don’t always need to buy the latest releases, but can wear pre-loved clothes from previous seasons that are still in style. Classic and traditional never go out of style.

Personally, we don’t like fast fashion brands or momentary trends. Even if they are inexpensive, they are only relevant for weeks. These are often cheaply made and only survive until the first wash. Classic styles that are well constructed are almost always better investments.

  • One of the benefits of vintage inspired clothing that is produced today is that items are available in a wider array of sizes, fabrics, and colors. It is easier to find classic styles that fit and feel exactly as you desire them to.
  • Another advantage is that with vintage inspired clothing you can seamlessly blend contemporary trends with classic style. Whether it is contemporary fits, shapes, or details, the combination of vintage and modern styles can be truly exquisite. Rather than spending $30-40 on fast fashion, you can invest in good quality classic styles which you will eventually be able to pass on to your children.

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