We Love Lagenlook! July 5, 2014 17:23


Lagenlook, literally translated from German, means simply "layering look". But it refers to an elegant European fashion of layering pieces that women of all ages, sizes and shapes can wear to show off their individual and distinctive style. 

Whether you're wearing 2, 3, 4, or even five layers, you can use each item to perfectly flatter your body! Contour the layers to highlight your favorite assets and create the exact shapes you desire. For example, a vest or jacket can completely alter the way a blouse fits on your torso as well as the look and feel of your outfit. 

The art of layering is a fantastic way to express your personal style and taste by creating your own mixes of color, styles, prints, and textures. This takes Lagenlook style from a simple fashion statement to a living work of art that changes with each wardrobe combination one crafts. More than acting as your own personal stylist - you are able to create entirely new designs with your choices. 

Lagenlook styles are both versatile and practical. It is possible to create many looks from a few well chosen pieces, and allows for the possibilities to adapt to any situation. Whether going from work to dinner or encountering a sudden shift in the weather, artful layering can serve the needs of your style and your life!

We are very excited to see that Lagenlook styles are increasing in popularity in the US as it has been in Europe for years. We are happy to offer a wide array of tunics, blouses, jackets, and dresses that can be combined in endless arrangements. Let your imagination and creativity run wild!

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