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Introducing: Sleevey Wonders! March 29, 2016 16:56

Sleevey Wonders - Intimate Sleeve Shapewear - Plus Size s

When I first saw Sleevey Wonders my first thought was “finally!”

Finally, we have an accessory that can utterly change the look of an outfit to match a specific situation. Finally, there is a way to meet almost any modesty requirements without sacrificing style. Finally, we don’t have to be self conscious about wearing sleeveless or strapless outfits anymore!

Available in a variety of colors and styles, Sleevey Wonders can adapt your outfits to perfectly match any occasion! Try the ¾ length black mesh sleeves with a light blouse for a modern casual look. Or pair classic ivory lace sleeves with a sleeveless dress for added coverage and formality. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

There is so much more we could say about Sleevey Wonders - but I think Ruthann Greenblat, the designer, has already written the perfect introduction:

I created Sleevey Wonders because I love fashion - including sleeveless and strapless tops and dresses, but I didn’t love the look of my bare arms in them. Covering up with a sweater or jacket often provoked a hot flash, or hid the beautiful look of my dress. What I needed were independent, interchangeable sleeves that would slim my arms without making me too hot or ruining the look of my outfit! My unique multi-patented invention solves those problems, and gives the illusion of being part of my top or dress!

I have had so much fun creating Sleevey Wonders with the mission of making quality products in America at affordable prices for women of all ages and sizes.

I want you to have a ball creating new sleek and stylish outfits from items you already own in your closet, or take Sleevey Wonders shopping with you and discover a whole new world of fashion possibilities! I hope you find many uses for Sleevey Wonders and grow to love them as much as I do! It’s time to feel happy with yourself, inside and out!

Ruthann Greenblat

Artist, Designer, Inventor

Tag us in your pictures to show off YOUR outfits!

Neon Buddha September 21, 2015 15:47


We are very excited to introduce you to the newest brand available on Knitted Closet, Neon Buddha! 

Neon Buddha started with the idea of producing a lifestyle clothing collection for travel, home, work, yoga and you. Their philosophy is to make products that can be well worn for life’s adventures and designed with a conscience.

Under the keen eye of head designer Shannon Passero, Neon Buddha's clothing is crafted from 100% preshrunk cotton blends in styles that are chic, comfortable, and versatile. We love that classic styles with timeless silhouettes are given unique details that are contemporary and eye catching. For example, the Moment Pullover is a beautiful cowl neck tunic that has mixed buttons of etched metal and coconut shells down the center. 

But our excitement for Neon Buddha extends to their dedication to an ethical work standards and sustainable environmental practices. From using solar power in their offices, recycling all paper, cardboard, plastic, glass and metal, to even planting dozens of trees, Neon Buddha extends their conscientiousness far beyond their clothing. 

Shop the Neon Buddha collection now!

This week only - save 10% off any purchase of Neon Buddha with promo code "buddha". Expires Sunday September 27, 2015.


Featured products (from left in picture):

Neon Buddha Select Pullover

Neon Buddha Conversation Shawl in Wine

Neon Buddha Adventure Tee in Moss

Wearable Art March 10, 2015 16:10

Citron Clothing - Wearable Art

Earlier this month we at Knitted Closet were lucky enough to meet Ricki Wolman, founder and CEO of Citron Clothing along with Citron’s team of artists and representatives. Our conversation gave me further insight into how Citron, one of our longtime favorite brands, uses classic inspirations and only the finest materials to create clothing that is more than beautiful, clothing that makes women happy.

Though artists and designers at Citron draw inspiration from all around the world, we can see the particular influence of the Edo period of Japanese history. The art of Hokusai, Utamaro, and Hiroshige echoes in the portraits and natural elements in Citron designs.

These artists were masters of ukiyo-e, or “pictures of the floating world,” a genre of woodblock prints and paintings that celebrated the joy and beauty in everyday life during a period of rapid urbanization. Western artists, particularly Edgar Degas and Vincent van Gogh, were also deeply influenced by the Edo period.

Orientalist motifs have been a staple of Citron’s design philosophy from the start, and Ricki continues to pursue inspiration by traveling around the world, studying artistic elements and techniques to incorporate into his creative vision.

What struck me about my conversations with the people behind the clothing was the thoughtfulness and care that goes into every Citron design. Everyone we spoke with reiterated Citron’s philosophy of creating wearable works of art, garments with beauty that transcend fleeting trends in fabrics and that remain elegant throughout passing seasons.

We usually shop for clothing with an eye to what is flattering and feels good to wear. For years I have admired the artistry and construction of Citron Clothing simply on these merits, which are of course the essential elements of any clothing brand. But speaking with the people behind the brand has given me a new understanding and deeper appreciation for what they offer through their clothing.

A celebration of the joy and beauty in everyday life. I’m happy to share these products with you, and hope they inspire the same appreciation.

“Living only for the moment, savouring the moon, the snow, the cherry blossoms, and the maple leaves, singing songs, drinking sake, and diverting oneself just in floating… buoyant and carefree, like a gourd carried along with the river current: this is what we call ukiyo.”

Ukiyo Monogatari ("Tales of the Floating World", c. 1661) by Asai Ryōi

Brand Profile: Oh My Gauze! March 6, 2014 14:19

We here at Knitted Closet are proud to feature Oh My Gauze! products. Oh My Gauze! is the ultimate in casual and comfortable fashion.

Every item is made of soft 100% cotton that looks and feels absolutely fantastic. The clothing is completely washable, will never shrink, and perhaps best of all, does not require the use of an iron! Light, breathable, and nearly maintenance free, Oh My Gauze! makes clothing that is perfect for your lifestyle. 

Here is one of our favorite outfits - the Anna Tunic in Candy paired with Breeze Pants in Snow. 

Anna Vest Breeze Pants

One of the amazing aspects about Oh My Gauze! designs is the versatility. The flowing draped designs of soft cotton can be styled up or down depending on how you want to accessorize. Whether you're looking for resort wear or a stylish option for around your home, Oh My Gauze! is a chic and cozy option.

Featured here is the Luna dress, an adorable option that can transfer from daytime errands to a night out.

Luna Dress

Like us, Oh My Gauze! is a family run business. Inspired by fabrics and design seen on her trips to Mexico, Joy brought her love of clothing made of cotton gauze to her designs that still remains today. For over 25 years Joy and her family have been designing and selling this unique style clothing.

Thank you Joy and everyone at Oh My Gauze! for your wonderful style and inspiration!

And now, for the month of March enjoy 10% off any Oh My Gauze! product with the coupon code omgstyle at checkout!