About Us

Welcome to Knitted Closet, a family business bringing you the best in quality and style from the heart of Hollywood.

Pavlovskiey FamilyAs an elegant European woman, I know the importance of building a wardrobe with fine clothing that never goes out of style. I have curated our exquisite collection with a deep understanding of what women look for. Style goes deeper than keeping up with passing trends, but is the foundation of personal expression.

I have created this collection for women who are tired of searching for clothing that fits them in a flattering manner and represents their own original style. From timeless elegance to casual whimsy, we aim to bring beautiful pieces to your wardrobe that you can always wear with pride and confidence.

My top priority is always quality in every detail, including the stitching, fabric, quality of print, and design. To me, style cannot exist without quality, and poorly made clothing is an unnecessary travesty. 

With the help of my family, we created this space to feature clothing from some of my favorite designers for stylish women of every age, shape, and background. This boutique is a natural progression after a decade of experience selling clothes online, and we are proud to welcome you to our store.

We turned a passion into a small business that I share with my husband and daughter. Our small staff is more than just our employees, but share a deep friendship with the entire family. With Knitted Closet I am able to share my love of fine clothing and love for my family with people all over the world. Thank you for making this dream a reality!

Tatyana Pavlovskaya

Founder / Owner

Knitted Closet