Cocoon House Great Waves Kimono Jacket

$ 109.99

Inspired by the classic painting The Great Wave Off Kanagawa by Japanese ukiyo-e artist Hokusai, Cocoon House's soft silk is the perfect canvas, creating an entirely new way to enjoy and appreciate great works of art.

Cocoon House is proud to offer its unique, fine silks and accessories. All of our silk products are made in small co-ops located in the heart of China's silk producing region, ensuring that products are of the highest quality and have been produced in a fair and traditional manner.

Cocoon House advocates the use of natural, organic products. Many procedures involved in the making of silk have not changed significantly in thousands of years. Silk is one of the most natural, organic fabrics. Cocoon House is a female, minority-owned business.

Size: Large/XL


Bust: 58"

Sleeves: 16"

Length: 38"


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