Jams World Janice Dress in Monticello

$ 124.99

An easy fit, go-anywhere style with a must-love silhouette. The Janice Dress features an updated empire waist cut on a bias with u-back for a body conscious fit in the Jams World signature spun crushed rayon. 

Jams World celebrates 50 years of color, freedom, difference, and love. Great clothes that transcend markets and seasons. The art is screened in long lasting, stay true color on exclusive 100% Spun Crushed Rayon. The fabric keeps you cool and just feels good. Each print has coordinating hand-painted buttons created just for Jams World by a California artist. The collection must be seen and felt to truly appreciate Jams World's commitment to quality, individuality, and style.

The artistic elements of the print mean that there might be slight variations in the print of each individual item. The colors and design are the same, but precise details may vary slightly.

Size: Large, XL, XXL (2X)

Style: W334V MLLO



Bust: 38"

Waist: 38"

Hips: 52"

Length: 48"



Bust: 42"

Waist: 40"

Hips: 52"

Length: 52"



Bust: 46"

Waist: 44:

Hips: 54"

Length: 52"

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