Yuvita Plus Size Linen Flax Short Sleeve A-Line Dress - Red Navy Plaid

$ 103.99

A classic spring and summer dress with short sleeves and a flattering a-line silhouette in contemporary navy and red plaid print with side hip pockets.

From Belarus, the country of clean fresh air, deep blue lakes, and endless  forests, the unique styles of Yuvita are a result of a confluence of western and eastern European fashions. Beginning with organic fields of pure flax, Yuvita linen is treated to a unique herbal enzyme wash that makes every item as soft and comfortable as they are beautiful.  

Sizes: 1X, 2X, 3X

Style: 6710 Plaid



Bust: 48"

Sleeves: 10"

Waist: 50"

Hips: 66"

Length: 42"



Bust: 50"

Sleeves: 10"

Waist: 54"

Hips: 70"

Length: 42"



Bust: 52"

Sleeves: 10"

Waist: 56"

Hips: 74"

Length: 42" 

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