Yuvita Plus Size Linen Gauze Denim Stripe Topper

$ 78.99

Soft organic herbal infused linen blouse in classic denim blue and ivory beige nautical inspired stripes with flattering v-cut out in the back hem. 

From Belarus, the country of clean fresh air, deep blue lakes, and endless  forests, the unique styles of Yuvita are a result of a confluence of western and eastern European fashions. Beginning with organic fields of pure flax, Yuvita linen is treated to a unique herbal enzyme wash that makes every item as soft and comfortable as they are beautiful.  

Sizes: 1X, 2X

Style: 1928 Denim Stripes



Bust: 56"

Sleeves: 20"

Length: 28"



Bust: 60"

Sleeves: 20"

Length: 28"


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